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Sarah Levy Starry Mag Interview

Q) What makes POP such a good home for “Schitt’s creek?”

A) I have found that Netflix has so many dramas and I just get sucked into all these hour-long dramas for seasons on end and rarely I find you come across comedy to binge that’s not like “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” or something short and sweet at twenty-one minutes. The time flies! You can watch like six episodes in two hours.

Q) The Roses last season ended off with a lot of stability in their lives after five seasons and seemed on solid ground. What can you share might shake that up this season?

A) It’s so funny because I’m always so hesitant to blow something when I don’t know if it is something I can say. It is less about shaking up the stability and more about the Roses growing even further and integrating themselves even further into the town and the people in the town. It becomes more about situations versus relationships in peril. But I would say it follows a lot of the same lines as Season Four did. We’ve got musicals. We’ve got a couple situations that will tug at the heart strings, but it’s really the Roses continuing to find their footing and almost enjoying it now at this point.

Q) On my local news they were talking about the series but said they couldn’t even say the name of the show.

A) Yes! That’s been interesting because as my dad keeps saying, he’s getting increasingly frustrated because he’s thinking this is a real last name. “Schitt” is in the phonebook. And his argument is that if there was a Larry Schitt on the news you’d have to say “Larry Schitt” because that’s his name. So, what’s the difference between that and this? It’s the same. Especially on daytime television, it just can’t happen. I think I was watching “The Today Show” and they said they would get fined if they said it. Everyone needs to just relax. Just relax!

Q) What I love is that family dynamics that really translate to the town as well. What are the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek taking away from the Roses as much as visa verse?

A) I think especially with characters like Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson) and Twyla who have formed relationships…Jocelyn with Moira (Catherine O’Hara), as much as they have a love/hate relationship there actually is a fairly strong bond there. With Twyla and Alexis (Annie Murphy), they are actually around the same age. They come from completely different places and Twyla does become a little bit of the voice of reason for Alexis in their heart to hearts at the café. I always love those scenes so much because working with Annie is one of my absolute favorite parts about doing the show. But it’s really wonderful to see these relationships between these characters that are so different really grow and they can give each other advice and lean on each other. I think it really speaks to the Rose family and how much they have opened up and allowed themselves to let go of – not necessarily their past…Well, I guess a little bit of it to enjoy being there and form these relationships with people they probably would never have come across or had much time for had they not lost all their money. It’s going to be interesting to see what might happen. There has been so much growth that has happened already, even though they’re still arguing, and the sarcastic comments haven’t stopped by any means. But they have let their guard down with each other and everyone else in the town. It’s nice for us townsfolk to be able to see that growth.

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