Category: Photo Gallery

2019 Jan 14

Schitt’s Creek 4×13 – Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose HD Captures

I’ve added 96 HD screencaps of Sarah in Schitt’s Creek episode 4×13 – Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose.

2018 Nov 17

New Layout/Schitt’s Creek Season 4 HD Captures

We have a new layout! The header was designed by me and the themes are by I hope that you like the new themes! I also added over 600 HD captures from season 4 of Schitt’s Creek!

2018 Aug 30

Vanity Fair Photo

I’ve added a photo from the photoshoot that Sarah did with the rest of the cast from Schitt’s Creek to the gallery.

2018 Aug 30


I’ve added 2 headshots to our photo gallery that we were missing.

2018 Aug 30

Larry Crowne Blu-Ray Captures

I have added blu-ray captures of Sarah in the 2011 movie Larry Crowne to our photo gallery.

2018 Aug 18

Schitt’s Creek Season 3 HD Captures

I’ve added over 300 HD captures from Season 3 of Schitt’s Creek. Thanks so much to Dustin Milligan Fan for sending in the caps!