Schitt’s Creek 4×13 – Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose HD Captures

I’ve added 96 HD screencaps of Sarah in Schitt’s Creek episode 4×13 – Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose.

New Layout/Schitt’s Creek Season 4 HD Captures

We have a new layout! The header was designed by me and the themes are by I hope that you like the new themes! I also added over 600 HD captures from season 4 of Schitt’s Creek!

Schitt’s Creek Season 5 Gets Premiere Date, Larger Episode Order

Schitt’s Creek fans, it’s time to brush up on your Tina Turner: The quirky comedy will be back for a fifth season on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 10/9c, Pop TV announced Monday.

Season 5 will span 14 episodes, making it the series’ longest run yet. Read on for the official season description:

The Roses are finally thriving in Schitt’s Creek and find themselves ready to take their personal relationships and business pursuits to the next level. Moira returns from a breakthrough film shoot in Bosnia with a clear exit strategy and a renewed sense of purpose, and with that newfound energy, she is inspired to leave her mark on the town by launching her most ambitious artistic endeavor yet. Meanwhile, the reputation of the Rosebud Motel is steadily building under Johnny’s leadership, but managing the individual needs of his staff, Stevie and Roland, proves to be a greater challenge. With Rose Apothecary running smoothly, David is now focusing on nurturing his relationship with Patrick, and from apartment hunting to joining a baseball team, he proves he’s willing to go the extra mile. Alexis, having finally achieved some stability in both romance and career, isn’t one to let things get stale, so she tries to spice things up with Ted while contemplating a next step that could take her beyond Schitt’s Creek.

Pop also announced an airdate for the Schitt’s Christmas special, which technically serves as the Season 4 finale: Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 10/9c. The installment will find Johnny hoping to celebrate the holidays with an old-fashioned Rose family Christmas party, but getting everyone on board at the last minute will take serious effort.

Source – TV Line

Vanity Fair Photo

I’ve added a photo from the photoshoot that Sarah did with the rest of the cast from Schitt’s Creek to the gallery.


I’ve added 2 headshots to our photo gallery that we were missing.

Larry Crowne Blu-Ray Captures

I have added blu-ray captures of Sarah in the 2011 movie Larry Crowne to our photo gallery.

Schitt’s Creek Season 3 HD Captures

I’ve added over 300 HD captures from Season 3 of Schitt’s Creek. Thanks so much to Dustin Milligan Fan for sending in the caps!

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